World of Warcraft by henry1245 – REVIEW

August 16, 2008 at 3:44 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

I’m back from the dead! I’ve been working on a new place, so I’d appreciate it if you guys would have a look. (I won’t be posting the link, I’m not noobish enough to actually try to siphon visitors from this fansite to my place)

The game is relatively quick to load. When I got in, I noticed some lag, but it’s probably just my connection, so I won’t dock points.

The game has more weapons than can actually fit on your screen (one of which is labeled “shotgun”… in WoW? O_o)

There’s a nice little system where you can choose your allegiance. Of course, since I don’t actually play WoW, I picked one at random.

When I spawned at Ironforge, I saw some… helicopters? O_o I promptly hopped down from the ariel spawnpoint and had a look around.

So… what’s the big deal? Why has this place been on the front page for so long? I’ll tell you why:

    It had a catchy name.

That’s it. It’s a “Build to Survive”.

Knowing what it is (and feeling a bit cheated, I was expected something like Bloxscape…. which actually took some work), I proceeded to look for a single good thing about the place.

All the islands are totally separated. You’d have to build a bridge (which is a concept proven to fail. Once “ghost brick”, and you’re dead.) You also cannot actually GET to the medieval helicopters.

Faced with the prospect of not killing anyone, I decided to massacre my teammates with my medieval shotgun. After getting yelled at and called a noob a few times, I left.

I came away from this place with two lessons that I’ll pass on to you:

Once, if you want to make a popular place, give it a catchy name and make a preview shot that hides what the place really is.

Second lesson: Never, EVER, come to this place.

Final Score: 3/10


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