weaselman50’s “►►ABR-Aircraft Battles of Robloxia◄◄Source Release” Place Review

August 16, 2008 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place (Below is the place screenshot)
►►ABR-Aircraft Battles of Robloxia◄◄Source Release

[I’ve edited this slightly since I originally posted it. About 20 minutes after, actually 🙂 ]

Also done on request by the maker, weaselman50. This is my 2nd review today, 4th in 2 days, and I’m not likely to review any more for awhile 🙂

This place is a classic aircraft carrier place, but with tons of improvements. It at one point was extremely popular, but for no reason in particular, was overrun by other places that I (and many others) keep rating as very poor. This place, however, is unlike those, for it was scripted by weaselman50. Actually, I contributed the radar, but weaselman50 edited it and expanded it to fit the place (and properly, I might add XD)

Now to the game itself. This place includes many features, variables, and stats, all in a place that has very little lag. Unfortunately, not all the planned features (see the place description) were implemented, however what is done is amazing. You start with 20 in money, and receive 10 more every time you successfully hit an opponent. There are the standard helicopter and plane models that you can choose from, properly colour-themed to the team. Unlike other aircraft places, there is a system that allows you to get into the plane/helicopter and prepare yourself while being protected by the carrier from outside attack. It is timed, so you can’t wait too long. However, there is still an invisible shield that protects you from incoming attacks until you actually launch the plane.

Once you get out, there are usually other players to compete with. However, even if you go alone, you still have things to do! There are bot planes that do a lot in this place. Not only do they allow those who are alone to have an activity, but it allows newcomers an easy target that is easier to get money from than the players that have upgraded in everything.

There are currently fog screens, preventing you from seeing across the entire map (a good thing). Unlike many other planes, you do not crash if you come into contact with non-anchored bricks, meaning you can even collide with other planes without blowing up. The missiles will damage your plane, but you have nothing to worry about unless those are upgraded missiles or your plane’s health is low. In the store, you can upgrade your health, attack, or even purchase other useful upgrades.

In addition, the aircraft carriers are custom built. There is also an island where the bot planes regenerate.

On the downside, there is little wrong with this place 😉

However, though there is little wrong with the place, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The fuel was never finished, meaning that you must garbage your plane for a new one if your fuel gets too low (but don’t worry, that does take a long time). Also, the gameplay is not perfect either, as though there are bot planes to try and help newcomers upgrade, those with maxed out weaponry can destroy your plane in only seconds if they choose you as their next target. Not all problems are fixed, either, but many were addressed as well. 


Scripting: 10/10. I cannot think of how to improve the scripting. Sure, there are ways, but look at Roblox on a whole, what is better? Some of the scripts may have problems, but I’ll penalize that in Deals with Problems.
Tools: 8/10. The plane tool is wonderful, and there are even ways to protect yourself and attack others without using the planes. However, there could be more improvement.
Building: 8/10. This place has standard building. Sure there could be more decoration, but the island is an example of that. Also, note that the “standard planes and helicopters” don’t have all the bricks they normally do…
General Enjoyment: 9/10. Where can you have more fun than here? If you like planes, upgrading, etc, this is the place to be. There are, unfortunately, still problems to be fixed, but overall it is still fun.
Originality: n/a. As quoted by weaselman50 himself, the purpose of making this place was “to be a better example of the popular aircraft carrier place created by pixel penguin”. The purpose is to show everyone that there are better places. However, Robloxians are foolishly stuck on the old places.
Creativity: 9/10. What’s so creative about the place? The buildings, the scripts, the features, the variables, the work-arounds, and all the other work that was poured into this place. The island, the bot planes, etc.
Ease of Use: 8/10. The planes are easy enough to use if you know how.
Easy to Learn: n/a. Learn what?
Deals with Problems: 8/10. Most problems are addressed, but not all. Also, spawn-killing of planes is taken out with an invisible shield. The moment you move forward, you are unprotected.
Deals with Lag: 10/10. All the buildings have been reduced in brick count as much as possible, and by keeping bricks smooth and anchored very few joints were created. Finally, all messes are immediately deleted.

Overall: 7.8/10. That’s what I call an amazing place. Sure it’s not finished, but it’s still amazing. I do not believe that I have given out a 7.8 yet! If it was finished, now that would be something! I greatly encourage people to visit the place and enjoy the many creative and fulfilling aspects of the game. This place is an example of what places on Roblox SHOULD be. Unfortunately, take a look at the front page and see a page full of places that, mostly, should be thrown in the garbage (sorry if there’s a good place out there right now, please have me review it 😉 ). I might mention examples, except why bother giving them un-deserved attention? Go off to see weaselman50’s ABR place! He’s even been so nice as to make it uncopylocked so that you can learn from an expert scripter with good ideas.


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