zoydude’s “Zoydude’s War-Zone” Place Review

August 15, 2008 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

2nd review today! This one was done on request by zoydude.

This is a fairly simple bloxxing place. It is indeed a war zone, with some simplifications.

First of all, the buildings are reasonably well done, but there is a lot of repetition. Second of all, the leaderboard is fine. Thirdly, the weapons are limited, but can be fun because it takes skill not to get bloxxed (and a little chance with those crazy grenades).


Scripting: 7/10. This isn’t a scripted place, but the proper scripts (regen + leaderboard) are in place. Though more could be added, it isn’t needed.
Tools: 5/10. It’s a penalty that there aren’t more tools, but on the other hand, the small collection of explosives makes for a very interesting bloxxing arena.
Building: 7/10. There is, unfortunately, a lot of repetition. Otherwise it’s OK and does its job.
General Enjoyment: 6/10. This is difficult to say. Some people will find it less fun than others, but I think 6 is a reasonable number. The penalty is in the tool limitation, mostly. It would be better if the buildings weren’t almost exactly the same. On the other hand, the explosive weapon combo adds for the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen next. If you have enough people in a server, there is the added enjoyment of watching many buildings explode almost randomly.
Originality: 2/10. It is a nice twist on the standard bloxxing arenas. However, it’s still a war-zone, which is not original.
Creativity: 3/10. Yes and no… there are a couple creative aspects, but much of it is non-creative.
Ease of Use: n/a.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 1/2. It has a regen. It doesn’t have anything else, but I don’t think it needs it, either.
Deals with Lag: 5/5. Lag has been minimized by regening every 10 minutes. With only 2000 bricks, the place works reasonably well.

Overall: 5.2/10. This place is interesting, but it could use a better variety of objects; it needs more tools, structures, and perhaps scripts; and it could use with more features to improve creativity. A slightly more original theme would help the place as well.


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