lah30303’s “double battle mayhem!” Place Review

August 12, 2008 at 2:15 am | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place (Place Screenshot below)
double battle mayhem!

This review was done on request by obyman, or his main account is lah30303 [I may refer to him as either username from now on 🙂 ]. I initially went in and found that many things looked familiar and/or copied. I PMed obyman about this, and he informed me of all the things he copied/made himself. Because of this, I will not be penalizing any of the copies except in “originality” and a little in “building”.

This place is close to being a copy of miked’s Paintball place, but with several additions and changes to make it his own. There is an exact duplicate of miked’s paintball gun, as well as a copied Mongoose driving tool. The castles are also copied, but that is as far as the copying goes (however, xLEGOx’s “circle” script was used in this place). The rest, and more importantly how it was assembled, is what I’m going to rate this place on.

The leaderboard uses points, and it does its job well. I am unsure if it takes into account KOs and WOs, but it works. There is also an “end of game” script, that resets the points and regens the game every 10 minutes. It also warns you about the game having only 30 seconds left.

You get 50 points for capturing a flag, but there is also a new feature not found before (to my knowledge) on Roblox (or if there is one, it’s uncommon, and sorry to the owner of such a system): a very large block is randomly placed, and if you touch it, you receive 25 points and it jumps to a new location. Touching this block is a very useful way to rack up points. Bloxxing someone earns you 15 points, and getting bloxxed earns you -4. Unfortunately, tking is not taken into account (yet). Also, there are currently no regen buttons for the mongooses. However, obyman plans on adding them. Finally, you can switch teams the same way you can in miked’s place (that part of the script is copied).


Scripting: 8/10. There still need to be a few more things added in the scripts. Additional features would be a good idea.
Tools: 7/10. There is no reset tool (or more specifically, a Mongoose-Tool-regen tool), so if the Mongoose tool bugs, you must wait until you die. I am not penalizing obyman for the Mongoose tool, since he used it but didn’t write it. Also, it’d be a good idea to improve the paintball tools, which, though [originally] copied from miked’s place, are not his most recent ones. They do not follow the force field laws, and one shot on normal mode can be fatal. It’d be a good idea to reduce the damage they do.
Building: 7/10. It would be 8 except for the lack of originality in the castles. However, there appears to be a proper balance between
General Enjoyment: 7/10. Another 7… however, this place deserves a 7. It is not too complicated and is easy enough to have fun with. It isn’t perhaps the most fun game, due to bugs, but it isn’t boring or dreary either.
Originality: 4/10. Some aspects are original, but it’s still based on miked’s place.
Creativity: 7/10. Many creative parts, but still room for improvement.
Ease of Use: n/a.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 2/5. There are still several problems that need to be fixed.
Deals with Lag: n/a. Lag isn’t an issue, with only 650 bricks or so. Nothing is done about it, other than the regen, which really doesn’t influence lag.

Overall: 6.5/10. This place has done very well on my scale of things, compared to other places. It shows what a place should show: a little originality, creativity, lots of effort, new ideas, building, and a little scripting on the side! I suggest looking at the place, and if you invite some friends, you can really have some fun! I just wish there were more places like this on Roblox. Not paintball places, but ones with reasonable effort.

Just a side note, you may wonder why a simple place like this got 6.5, while other places I’ve rated may be receiving a significantly lower rating. The reason is because it’s simple, it is easier to get a higher rating. I’ve said this several times, but this is for anyone who’s new to my rating system 🙂 Besides that, I still think this place is good enough for at least a 5 in comparison to other places, perhaps a 6. It’s good for what it’s made for, and that’s the point.


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