theevilblackninja’s “Be a Gladiator or be a fan!” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

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This review was done on request by theevilblackninja.

This place is more simple than some, so don’t be too suprised if the rating is higher. Less stuff means less chance that to “mess up”.

I haven’t posted a review in a long time. If you want me to review your place, just make sure it looks interesting, original, has a nice looking picture, and PM me.

This place is a sword fighting area. There are 4 teams, a popcorn tool, and a soda tool. The idea is you can fight in the arena area, or you can sit down in one of 100 seats [and eat popcorn and drink soda 🙂 ]. A simple, neat place. I believe there’s supposed to be music, but it didn’t come through on the computer I’m using… oh well 🙂

However, the building is sloppy (seats aren’t neat), the spawn points don’t fully work together (they should either be all in or out of the arena), and there is nothing preventing you from attacking people sitting down “eating popcorn”.

So, this is a nice, neat place. That’s about it. Oh, and I just found that if you touch one of the 5 rings in the place (they are in a row), then it puts it on you, like a hat, but through your torso.


Scripting: n/a. Not a scripted place, besides the generic leaderboard and ban script. However, this will be a penalty in “Deals with Problems”.. The 5 rings are a nice touch, but have nothing to do with the place other than decoration. That’s a small bonus below.
Tools: 7/10. The popcorn and soda tools have their decals, and it’s really quite interesting to look at them (for a few seconds). There is a standard sword and reset tool. Nothing else that might protect you. Could have more tools.
Building: 4/10. Although it’s all done by hand, it is also sloppy. There are many bricks that are off by 2 or 3 studs. The entire effect is good, but there could be a lot more for decoration.
General Enjoyment: n/a. I can’t decide. I could say lower because you can’t just “enjoy” without fear of someone attacking you, or I could say higher because it’s a good setup.
Originality: 0/5. I do not believe there is any originality here. The title should give the first hint to that.
Creativity: 2/10. The lack of building adds to the penalty of creativity. It’s very simple, which is great for lag, but not so great for “enjoying the scenery” or getting into the mood of the place.
Ease of Use: n/a. I guess you could say the stairs are difficult to use, but I’m not going to be that mean 🙂
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 1/3. There is just the one problem of attacking “fans”… though because of the ban script (I assume that’s a Vote-To-Kick player one), I suppose you could try to get everyone to kick the player out. I still don’t think it’s a good substitution for custom scripting.
Deals with Lag: Hmm… supposedly there is an “anti-lag” script. There isn’t, because if you check the Joints in the place (Ctrl+F1), you’ll see that all the joints are there. There’s still no lag, so… what to rate? I’ll give it 1/1 for the effort :). With less than 400 bricks (ironically almost all of them for the seats), it’s difficult to create lag.
Bonus: +0.1 for the rings and music. It was simply a nice, interesting touch. I don’t get why it’s there, but…

Overall: 3.9/10. This is a very simple place. To improve, it needs more scripting, and more work. A lot more work. I was informed by theevilblackninja that much work was done on this place, but if so, there still needs to be a lot more. If I were to rate this place on a scale of 0 to 10 considering other places, I would likely give it a 1 or a 2. It’s cute, and there’s no doubt you could have fun there, but it could be improved upon a lot.


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