A contest on ROBLOX Direct?

July 18, 2008 at 1:22 pm | Posted in News, Roblox Direct News | 11 Comments


I recently went to the Comments that were waiting for approval. I see this that comes out. Just read it, or, if you can’t see it, just go to the staff page, and scroll down to the bottom.

So, there MIGHT be a contest here. I dunno. All I know is that I can start thinking on it starting from August, because I’ll be back by then. But I had a idea that kinda came to my mind: A contest organized by all the major Roblox fan sites. One big one organized by all the major sites. It’s my idea that came to me, but If that hapends, then it’s not going to be easy. (even though ORGANIZING a contest is already not easy.)

Stay tune in 2 weeks to see if there’s gonna be a contest here or not!

-Sonic Boy



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  1. some one remind me my user is sony1826 on roblox

  2. Its true…

  3. We got one on RJ too..

  4. make it a contest that almost anyone can do, not scripting, and not a video.Cause 60% of the people on roblox can’t script that well and around half the people on roblox can’t record, and some of the people that can record can’t get a youtoob acount.

  5. You know what beats that? HTTP 403 Forbidden.

  6. Hope it happens!

  7. I got an email from telamon. It’s true.

  8. Well, I think so.

    Running the IP that the post came from goes to Californa City.

    The 2 posts on my “Roblox in 08” are also from the same IP.

    I think its real. I have an idea for a contest, but I need peoples help. PM me on Roblox if your interested.

  9. I like the sounds of that!

  10. All big blogs got it.
    I wonder if it’s real. =S

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