Roblox and hunters

July 3, 2008 at 7:02 am | Posted in Mysterys | 4 Comments

Nothing is better than a nice game of Ultimate Paintball CTF by miked. But when the noobs come, you wanna avoid them. Yesterday, some crazy stuff happened there. Well… The team name has been changed to lolololololol in a certain server!

Now, (here comes the good stuff) Telamon wanted YOU to send an E-Mail to, with the informations on how to do that exploit. of course, there is no hunt without without prize. So what does he give?

The nethack man pages and 1000Tixs.

So only a few players got the book. But was this done on purpose? Did they just know that miked inserted a Name Team Changer from the 4 Tower game? I don’t know, maybe someone here will comment and tell me how it happened.

So in the end, the book was used for something.

In other words… the action adventure contest has finished! We still don’t know the end (like who won…), rumors say that ReeseMcBlox is taking 2 days of rest. I think she really deserves it, after all, managing the community is a very hard task.




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  1. reesemcblox is a woman????

  2. well, no results today

  3. Yea Reese has those days off but i PM’ed her on tuesday and she said mabey the results on Friday =D

  4. MrSven (who bribed Shane for it >.>) got the book and the 1k tickets.
    I reported this exploit before him though, stupid admins >:O

    And Reese has a day off on wednesdays and thursdays.

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