The Nethack Man pages will NOT be given out.

June 29, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Mysterys | 7 Comments

Nethack picture

It’s amazing how alot of players got fooled by some trick. I’ll simply say it: This hat is NOT for anyone. This hat was created by Telamon for DocStrange. Missed the craziness? Read on:

A user was pretending to give the hat if you visited his lace, favorited him and sended him a Friend Request. Of course, at a certain moment, he demanded you to wear a certain color code, to look like teh hacker. Then, a guy called H4xx3r came to the place saying that you solved the mystery, and you will claim the prize if you visit HIS place.

Of course, after, we discovered that H4xx3r was a fake. Then, the other user was going into different places! Untill… We met him at Matt.Dusek’s Balance. His account gets deleted. That proves he was a fake too.

So there you go, the story of how alot of us robloxians got fooled by this user. But he really planned well, we should be careful, this person MIGHT attack again… Let’s hope not…

If you wanna know what’s the image on this post, it’s the image of Nethack, the game.

-Sonic Boy



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  1. He also is an amazing scripter

  2. I know a guy that has the Nethack Man Pages, a not so famouse guy that has been in some youtube videos with Are92 named Articerile.He faced dr01d3k4 in chest once,i was there.I forget who won but hes a nice guy.

  3. @Road55: You misunderstood me. it was KevinMitnick (the person who started this) who got deleted.

  4. Haha, wrong! Telamon tricked you, SonicBoy.
    Look for the user `OutofspaceĀ“ in people, for example.

  5. Matt Duesks account is NOT deleted.

  6. Darn,I spent Ten minutes going to NetHackmanpages place and stuff thinking it was like clockworks birthday event

  7. Hehe, KevinMitnick (the one who got his place favorited by Miked and MANY MANY others) was no one else but me =)

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