briguy9876’s “Escape the Room: Point-and-Click!” Place Review

June 23, 2008 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place (Below — place screenshot)

Briguy has done a good job on this place. The concept is simple: get out of the rooms. There are only 2 of them, but it can be a challenge.

You start with two basic tools: “Look” and “Grab/Use”. Technically, you don’t need the “Look”, but there are some very funny comments on some of the objects. Like the spawn point 🙂 The place is practically finished, but there are updates planned (so I hear). A really cool thing about this place is that once you’re finished, you can watch everyone else! It’s like a 1-way window; you can’t see out, but everyone else can see in.

Unfortunately, this is a one-time place (as of now). There is no randomization, so the puzzle is the same every time. And it is mostly a guessing game, since there is very little that is actually logical (like why would a remote be used to something other than a TV?)

Overall, though, it’s a good place. You should check it out.


Scripting: 2/3. It’s mostly “Tools” that run this place. However, there are a few, such as the Regen and leaderboard, which are used reasonably well. Unfortunately, the timer starts “ticking” before you even get into the place (ie. while you are loading), so it could have some improvement. On the other hand, it uses a more advanced method of keeping track of how long you’ve been in the place, which I wonder if that is creating more lag.
Tools: 8/10. The tools are great, but the place doesn’t thoroughly work with them as well as it could, and some do not make sense.
Building: n/a. It’s not the building, it’s the concept. Besides, it’s from All Models 🙂
General Enjoyment: 5/10. There’s too much lag, and it is frustrating for most people without the walkthrough. However, you get to destroy stuff, so that makes up for it a little by giving a moment of fun 🙂
Originality: n/a. It’s like saying putting “Monopoly” in Roblox is original/unoriginal. This idea has been around for a long time on other websites. However, there are original aspects to it: those marks, however, are put in creativity. I decided not to mark down because of using All Models because this place focuses on the game play concepts — it doesn’t need fancy new structures.
Creativity: 9/10. Very good creativity. It could’ve been better, but there are a lot of things you wouldn’t expect that make the place challenging.
Ease of Use: 7/10. It is mostly easy to use, however a low ceiling makes it more difficult, and a cramped area, although in proportion to life, makes it difficult to see things (which is probably done on purpose to avoid being able to see some of the secrets).
Easy to Learn: 3/4. An easy concept, however many people encounter the problem of not being able to touch objects to get them: you have to use tools. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact of how it is. Perhaps including something to signify they should use tools…
Deals with Problems: 4/5. There have been a few updates responding to bugs, however not all of them are out yet. Also, the scripting errors are, of course, still a problem.
Deals with Lag: 3/5. This place has a big issue when it comes to lag. I’m sure if you played it in solo mode, it wouldn’t be quite so laggy. For sure, though, it also wouldn’t be laggy if there was only 1 set of rooms — unfortunately, that’d change the gameplay since you wouldn’t be able to destroy the stuff as you take it apart XD. However, I’ve been told that not all the servers are laggy. Interesting… I guess it just depends on what server you get 🙂
Bonus: +0.2 There is a mystery that is put into the place. I don’t know if it’s fully developed yet, but I see that it is at least in progress.
Bonus: +0.1 For the fact that you can see what other people are doing after you win; very cool

Overall: 7.5/10. Mostly, the main issue is the lag and the current system. However, the place itself is brilliantly done!


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  1. The VERY odd thing about lag is that when I went server jumping for bugs, some servers had lag and some didnt.

    I saw this in other places too, so dont blame me for all of the lag. Almost everything i the place ist anchored, so I cant put in a snap remover.

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