Sweezy’s “☠Volcano Village☠ (Grand Opening!)” Place Review

June 21, 2008 at 5:49 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to place

This was another one done on request.

The main attraction is the volcano, which has extra weapons inside. However, there are ships, a ghost ship that moves around on its own, a village, and a forest. All these features are in great detail, and so as you can guess, there is a lot of lag. There are no regens, but there are bombs…. [not a good mix]

You basically will want to go into the volcano and keep trying different weapons until you find the teleport, at which point you can go anywhere in the place you like without having to walk or climb there. Where you find the teleport, I will let you explore to find that out 🙂 

Otherwise, you can have fun exploring the various features. Unfortunately, the only objective other than exploring is fighting, which you can’t really do because there is a lot of lag.


Scripting: 0/2. No scripts implemented, but a regen and possibly a leaderboard should’ve been.
Tools: 8/10. Many many tools are implemented; none custom made, but all to an interesting effect. However, there is a bomb and other tools that destruct various parts of the place — yet no regens.
Building: 5/10. Everything’s from All Models, but it’s put together OK.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. Most people aren’t going to have fun here, unless they take pleasure in blowing things up — which you can only do once.
Originality: 4/10. The place might be fairly original, but everything else isn’t.
Creativity: 5/10. Not bad creativity in the way it’s all put together.
Ease of Use: 1/3. The ships are nearly impossible to use; they have very little controllability. Of course, I’m basically rating the ships rather than Sweezy’s creation, but he put it in there. 🙂
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn.
Deals with Problems: 1/5. There is a teleport at the very bottom of the volcano, so you can get out… otherwise, there are various problems as mentioned. Mostly for lack of scripting. Also, one of the ships doesn’t work.
Deals with Lag: 1/5. Apparently some measures were put into effect to reduce lag (I don’t know what or if it worked). It’s quite laggy as it is.
Penalty: -0.5 for using All/Free Models for all the models.

Overall: 3.6/10. There is a lot effort put into this place, it’s just that it’s simply not yet as “good” as it could be. The main issue is that there are too many features that don’t all fit into one place (in my opinion). It has good potential, though, and hopefully more will be done to reduce lag and perhaps map size.


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  1. This place is so awesome

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