zoydude’s “Ultimate Snipers!” Place Review

June 14, 2008 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link to place

This place was reviewed as a request by zoydude. I was not very sure that it’d be very good, since it only had 9 views, but upon going in I was surprised. It looked like zoydude actually worked hard on it!

The building is all there is to it. It’s awesome. There are even secrets and traps.

Unfortunately, the sniper turns some things blue… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


Scripting: 1/3. A leaderboard should be added. Otherwise, no real scripting is needed. However, there was an OnEntered script that gave you an interesting hat.
Tools: 8/10. I already mentioned the sniper effect; otherwise the tools are good. They aren’t anything special; they get the job done. More tools might be something to consider.
Building: 8/10. It’s amazing! However, it is sometimes difficult to get to the mountainous area, though there are areas designed to accomodate for this. Some of it was a little bit “off”; it wasn’t very detailed or its detail could’ve been better made.
General Enjoyment: 6/10. Without a leaderboard, it’s a lot less fun. However, if you like sniping people, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place!
Originality: 3/10. It isn’t very original, however there are some ideas in the place that are.
Creativity: 9/10. I have not seen such creativity before! The effort, the differences everywhere, it’s amazing!
Ease of Use: 2/4. The tools are easy, but navigating around isn’t.
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn
Deals with Problems: 2/2. All bricks were anchored, except one (that I found) in a secret area, and an explodable wall. Nothing major, and not worth penalizing for.
Deals with Lag: 8/8. Most bricks were very large, reducing brick count. The map was very large, yet not laggy at all! It p

Overall: 7/10. A very good rating, especially for a place that doesn’t have any scripting! Of course, that’s the point of my rating system: you can still get a good rating if you’ve “fulfilled” your place’s needs. Overall, I bet this place could be really fun. The only thing it needs is a leaderboard.


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