Wirodeu’s “[Wiro’s Minigames] – Mountain Climbing! [7]” Place Review

June 10, 2008 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

This review was done as a request. Also, this place is not done. You’ll see that heavily on my marks 🙂

This place is simply another minigames place. What I like about it, is that most of the games are original. The only problem is that the place is still under construction. I won’t go into detail; check it out yourself! Here’s the mark breakdown:


Scripting: 5/10. Average scripting? Not at all, it’s much better than that. However, there still needs to be more. How so? Simply finishing the point system; perhaps improving the “Round” system (which is currently automatically set to the game # you last played, or -1 if you stopped playing — an awesome feature). Another problem is teleporting doesn’t seem to work too well… sometimes spawning in the minigame doesn’t work out well. Also, death is common, even if you are waiting for the next game. Death routines could be removed in many locations. The point system, where in place, doesn’t always make sense compared to other games, or according to your success.
Tools: 1/2. There is one tool you can buy, and a few are occasionally given to you in the minigames. However, you can’t keep the tool you buy, so it’s kind of a waste of points. It is taken away because otherwise you can “keep killing people”, but it’s still annoying.
Building: 3/10. There is a nice little secret; lolz… otherwise, there isn’t much detail. Needs more, basically.
General Enjoyment: n/a. Not enough done to tell. It looks promising, though…
Originality: 7/10. Many original mini-games! However, simply the word “minigames” decreases an originality mark, and some of the ideas are based on some already done.
Creativity: 5/10. It’s acceptable. More interesting concepts would be cool.
Ease of Use: 5/6. It’s pretty easy to use all features so far.
Easy to Learn: 3/4. It only takes a minute to understad, and then it’s standard.
Deals with Problems: n/a. Problems haven’t come yet…
Deals with Lag: n/a. Not enough to see lag yet.
Bonus: +0.5 for the waiting room; it’s got some interestingly scripted bricks to play with.
Penalty: -2 for not being done and not having the proper features yet. Harsh? Yes, but at the moment, the rating system gets kind of weird because what has been done is fine. Unfortunately, overall the place still needs work.

Overall: 4.1/10. Overall, this is a place that still needs work. When it’s done, it should be getting over 7/10. 🙂 Thus, in conclusion, this place shows promise, but isn’t near there yet.


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  1. Cool!

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