stickmasterluke’s “Down Hill Smash! *Drive or Ride in a Truck!*” Place Review

June 4, 2008 at 8:50 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 2 Comments

This place is where you go up a hill that has trucks constantly spawning. Touch the sides of the hill or a truck, and you instantly die. In that way, it’s like an obstacle course.

Some people find it very fun to go try and go up the hill, and apparently they find much joy in riding down in a truck or a kayak; I’m not quite sure. I think you can ride in either…

However, although some people might find it fun dying over and over again, I think it’s kind of annoying to be constantly dying. Since you can’t predict where the trucks will spawn or how they will fall (since they jump, roll, and curve in their path by hitting eachother and walls), you can’t plan ahead. The trucks fall too fast for you to get out of the way easily. And as a reward (if you manage to get to the top), you can fall down and die some more? Not my idea of a great place.

I still wonder why such places as these are at the top of the “Most Popular This Week” list. And it’s being favourited. Shouldn’t the better scripted and places with good quality building be at the top?


Scripting: 4/10. Basic scripting used, but it could’ve been better. Such as not dying all the time. Also, there was no leaderboard, but I’m sure there could’ve been a leaderboard with a point system of some kind.
Tools: 2/5. I don’t know why you’d EVER need a reset tool, with so many things to kill you. Anyways, I think there should’ve been some sort of run tool, or something to allow you to dodge the trucks rather than hoping one doesn’t hit you.
Building: 3/10. The trucks were cool…
General Enjoyment: 2/10. It gets very frustrating, and it’s very time consuming. You can’t just try again, because of all the walking. You’d need tons of free time with nothing better to do if you want to enjoy this place.
Originality: 3/10. Just do a catalog search for “dodge”, you’ll see what I mean.
Creativity: 2/10. Kind of creative… well, maybe the trucks were, but lots more could’ve been done on this place.
Ease of Use: n/a. I would say that it isn’t easy to play this game, except it was designed that way.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 7/8. The structure of the place deals with spawn problems (usually…), and death walls were put in place to ensure you couldn’t just stay near the walls. 
Deals with Lag: 3/3. There was basically nothing in the place, so how could it lag? However, I did happen to see a script feature that kind of dealt with lag, so I’ll give it 3 bonus points. 😉
Penalty: -1. No “good” reward, and fairly pointless. Go in and dodge falling objects that you can’t really do because you can’t go anywhere and if you manage to do that, then die some more in falling objects.

Overall: 2.8/10. The place has some good intentions, but the whole concept is so basic and pointless it can’t possibly be rated high. I don’t know why such places are considered “fun”.



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  1. lols

  2. This is one of those places that you only go to once, and it can be fun for that one time. I managed to get to the top on my first try easily and tought it was easy to predict what the cars would do, and when you get to the top, their is a teleport tool so you don’t die, so what I did is I tried out both the boat and the truck and had some fun running into people on the first few tries, then got bored and left, so it is ok, but not a place to favorite.

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