Funny Video Contest: Parade 1

May 31, 2008 at 9:31 am | Posted in Contests | 2 Comments

Welcome to our first Funny Video Contest parade! Sorry if this is a bit late, but I was finnaly on the Computer!
Look at theses awesome entrys, they’re good!

Roblox Bloopers Advance 2 – Funny Video Contest Entry
Author: SonicBoy

Roblox Stupidity Contest Entry
Author: lemurboy07

ROBLOX May Funny — Killertom3
Author: killertom3

NoobName show – May Funny Movie Contest
Authors: NoobName, Wirodeu, hugeflare

Roblox Humorous Colab
Author: dude195

That’s all for the first parade! Keep an eye out for more! There shall be 2 more parades left! And of course, theses parades are fan-made. (So no prize for being in a parade… OK, maybe the prize of getting a bit more viewers. >_>

-Sonic Boy



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  1. So many interesting videos were listed here I found, aha!

  2. Hehe, some nice videos indeed 😛
    (I was looking for some nice vids to post on RJ aswell, will pick different ones than the ones you listed here :P)

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