The survey results!

May 26, 2008 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | Leave a comment

Here are the results!

Our grade on a scale of 10 (general calculation): 8.39/10! (Not bad, not bad…)

Favorite things of our site: The interviews, chess123mate’s Place Reviews (You has fans! =D), and the fast news posts… (I loled hard when I saw that.)

Worst thing of our site: Lack of pictures (What can we do with a Wii? O_O), the banner (I’ll used my GIMP skills…), non-working downloads (fixing that soon. X_X), and news copies of the Roblog… (>_>)

Suggestions: A TON of thoses suggestions were all different… >_> I’ll can’t list them all. (I’m L.A.Z.Y., or am I?)

Visits: Most players here visited more than 15 times.

One word to the point of RD: All were positif…

How did you find the site: more than 75% visited thanks to the Roblog. I’m amazed some players ACTUALLY found the site on my Profile…

Of course, the Usernames are useless, I just did it to know if there wasen’t N00bs redoing it over and over again…

I’ll try to do most of theses things (lets go for the 100% Done!), and good bye… for now!

-Sonic Boy


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