The HQ is opened!

May 25, 2008 at 8:08 am | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 4 Comments

I just opened the HQ. Oh yes, it’s only 80% Done, so you should look at it when it’s complete.

OK, so, the first thing you notice is the “weird” looking building. That’s normal, because if I did it like a Office Building, there would be major lag. Then, close to the HQ, you can see a billboard, clicking it with the mouse will announce you the latest Roblox Direct News, as of today, it’s the HQ’s opening. I also added a teleport tool to go there faster.

Keep in mind this is NOT complete. I also plan sometimes to do films there.



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  1. You… DON’T HAVE ANY? O.O
    I probably got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too known in a too short time then, probably…

    I got like… tons a fans and a few stalkers -.-

  2. …fans? Possibly, but I don’t have fans. >_>

  3. I don’t really see a point in an HQ. Sure it looks cool, but who is gonna visit it?

  4. Hehe, just checked it out. RobloxJuice also needs a HQ, we planned to get it done ages ago but never really did a thing XD

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