Are92’s “RoWar 6 Mine Coaster” version “new Store and Weapons” Place Review

May 22, 2008 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link Below, Place Picture
RoWar 6 Mine Coaster, new Store and Weapons 

RoWar 6 Mine Coaster is a very original place. It involves a new concept of mine coasters and mining. It is very well built, with upgrades and gold, but it has a few problems.

The weapons only shoot if you’re in a cart, which makes sense and works well. As is proper, if you die, you do get any bought weapons back. The carts can be regened via a click-detector button, and there is a complex system of mine tracks to explore with track-changers.

Unfortunately, the weapons often kill you more than they hurt anyone else. The carts often get derailed or are just slightly off-track (which slows them down). You get gold by going through checkpoints (I believe there are either 7 or 8). If you go through a different checkpoint than you did the last time, you get 1 gold. I believe that it is too easy to get the gold. Simply walk through 2 checkpoints that are close together and you get a lot of gold very easily. Just beware of people with guns. Soon you’ll be rich and can buy all the weapons you like.


Scripting: 9/10. The scripting is great, but there are the bugs and the problems I mentioned above.
Tools: 6/10. There is a reset tool, a run tool (I think, but run tools have been bugged lately so I don’t know for sure; being labelled “Weeeee” it could just be an arms-up tool for the fun of it), and a pistol and other weapons that you can buy. There was also a new tool I haven’t seen before, an arrow tool. However, I currently have no proof if this was custom made or not. However, it looks really good.
Building: 9/10. More could be added, but for this stage, the detail of building and everything else is wonderful.
General Enjoyment: 6/10. Just fix the bugs and make it easier to switch tracks, and it’d be a 9 or 10. Also, shooting someone doesn’t do you any good, yet that seems to be the objective.
Originality: 10/10. There are no other places like it (before it was started).
Creativity: 7/10. Very creative! It could be better, but a lot of variation in the tracks was done and creativity is evident.
Ease of Use: 7/10. It is difficult to get to the store, but I believe it was designed that way. The carts are a bit difficult to use, the weapons often don’t go where you want them to, and the tracks at times are very fast then very slow, making it difficult to aim or do anything.
Easy to Learn: 1/1. All features are standard concepts, except the track-switcher which quickly becomes obvious.
Deals with Problems: 3/10. The scripting takes care of most of the problems, but the scripting was also the problems as well.
Deals with Lag: 5/5. I do not believe there was too much lag there, but I do believe that there could’ve been an enormous amount if Are92 hadn’t worked on it. I believe it was well done.
Penalty: -0.5. There wasn’t too much to DO here. It was another one of those “You’re here to get rich” places. To me, that doesn’t qualify as a purpose.

Overall: 6.8/10. Overall, this is best place I’ve reviewed yet! It got its marks from being extremely original and quite creative. However, some problems need to be dealt with and it’d be nice to actually try and have a purpose while you’re there, other than to get rich.


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