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May 21, 2008 at 3:17 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 4 Comments

Ever since the Funny Video Contest has been announced, my Inbox started filling up with theses types of messages:

  • give mi tips on movy making plzplz.. 1!
  • Can you help me with editing a video?
  • I can I join ur teamplz?

I decided to write this post showing some of my Video Tips. Keep note that this post will conserne most of all Windows Movie Maker. Grab your cameras!

WAIT! We cannot start a movie without a camera! Here’s a short list of good movie recording programs:

  • Debut. (I use this program)
  • Hypercam2
  • Fraps
  • Gamecam

Of course, you can just type this in Google, and select the first site. There all free, but Fraps has a 30 seconds limit for the non-paying edition, HyperCam2 has bad quality and has an annoying logo with the non-paying edition, and Gamecam is pretty much the same as Fraps. Debut is completely free.

Anyway, we are not talking about the Cameras! We’re talking about the movie!

Step 1: Filming your video

Now, we cannot start the movie without a single ROBLOX clip. This is where you’re gonna start using the 3rd party camera software. Open the program you downloaded. Now, select the Window/Region/Game of what you want to film. Select it correctly, as in not having bits of your desktop showing. Now, it’s selected, open ROBLOX, and start a game. When you’re in a place, go back to your Filming Software. Now click Record/Whatever the program says. Congratulations! You just started the film!

Do some stuff. When done, go back to your Filming Program and press Stop.

Your newly made clip has been made! But now, we have to edit it!

Step 2: Editing with Windows Movie Maker

Before we start, I have to tell you that WMM is a pain with the bugs. I mean it. Anyway, once you got it to open, you will see the program with on the downside some boxes. If you see that, change it to Storyline mode. This is way easier for editing. Ok, but let’s put our video in! Click on “Import a Video Clip”. Now select your file. Once done, there will be a loading screen. Once it’s done, tadaa! You have imported your first file! We need to edit, now. First, we would like to give the video a title at the very beginning. Click on Add a title -> then on option 1. Now write the title, and change the font, color, and animation of the title. Once it’s done, click on Done. There, you’re title is made!
Now, let’s interest ourself in adding the video, and editing it. Drag the Video Clip on the Collection Section into the Storyline. Place it AFTER the title. The video was placed in the video.

It’s up to you to find out how some things work, but I’ll give you some Tips on Movie Making:

  • Use the Subtitle title to make players speak.
  • When a player speaks, try to do some thing like: “SonicBoy: What a nice day! =D”
  • Use the Cut fonction to remove the part where you can see the filming program.
  • Never, ever, use the basic title animation for dialogs. It looks bad for dialogs, but it’s good for titles.
  • Use the accelerate effect if a scene is very laggy.
  • When publishing your movie, yiu have the option to change the video size in MB. The highter, the better it would look. But don’t put it 20GB! >_> (That’s INSANE.)

I hope theses few tips would have helped you. Good luck, filmers!



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  1. you can use camstudio its free and its good.

  2. Sonicboy I can’t Find Debut. Pls Help

  3. How do you change the filesize?

  4. This helped! ALOT! Thanx Sonic!

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