Sorry Roblox Direct And Viewers

May 18, 2008 at 11:58 pm | Posted in News | 3 Comments

Most of you noticed I haven’t made one review or even one post (till now), it’s because of what’s going on with me. School; most of you know that by the beginning of May or so, you stop working in school. Sixth Grade isn’t like that sadly. You keep working till the end of the school year. And plus I’m getting alot of people asking me to lay Garry’s Mod with them or TF2 (most of you might not know those nor can’t play them because your parents won’t let you play them.) Plus my computer recently stopped working due to trying something. I’m using my mum’s computer. I shall hopefully get in a report on a place or something on the first day of summer. Cheers!         ~ Inzuki



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  1. School’s over. Now I gotta tell my dad to fix my computer. But I’m kinda afraid, since he said if I break it again I might not get it back.

  2. Exams in 6th grade? I haven’t had exams until high school; grade 9. I’m currently in grade 10, though…

  3. I was wondering about that…

    but yeah i’m in 6th grade too, its so hard with exams and stuff. but luckily i’m able to keep my website going.

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