Two glitches are no longer performable D:

May 17, 2008 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Quick News | 3 Comments

1. Well Sonicboy posted quite a while ago that if you wear the brown cowboy hat, you suddley are wearing a white one when you’re in a game. This was fun while it lasted but with the new update you’re back to wearing the brown one and you’ll have to cough up 1,400 rrobux for the white one.

2. Alright this glitch wasn’t as cool but if you wore a gygax egg with an Are92 admin T-shirt and black pants with green arms, medium green torso, and some coloured head, on your profile page the gygax egg looks like it is white, welded, and had little holes in it. Well sadley no more. Hopefully though more glitches that we can amuse ourselves with will come along soon. Speaking of which I would like to point out that with the new release you can stand on the crack between two blocks and your character starts moving in one place as if they were climbing a ladder. Well that’s all for now!



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  1. ….

  2. Wait, the Brown Cowboy Glitch is gone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    And try to stay with the interviews… unless you wanna also become a Miccelanious Writter…

  3. That dance glitch is the ONLY good glitch/bug with latest update.
    A lot of scripts are broken now =/

    And there’s the spawn glitch where you see eachother floating above a spawnlocation.

    And tons more!

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