An Interview with k9chief about how roblox was in the old days!

May 17, 2008 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Interviews | 1 Comment

Yay I can post now so you’ll be hearing more from me 😀 Anyhow I’ll post the interview.


Q: What was the money system like back then (robux, ect.)?
A: We had no money system.
Q: Were the classic weapons back then revolutionary for their time?
A: We thought they were the best things ever
Q: What were the most popular maps and people?
A: The most popular map was The Crossroads, most popular people probably Pokerman_29, Koopa, Jacobxxduel, or DracoSwordMaster.
Q: Who was everyone’s favorite admin back then?
A: Hard to say, I don’t think we had a favourite admin. I would choose between Telamon or BuilderMan.
Q: What was the most poular type of place?
A: The only places were fighting ones (2 of them) and one building one. We rarely visited a owned place.
Q:What contsests did you win back then and what were they like?
A: A lot of things have changed, there were no contests back then.
Q: Were you one of the heighest in poularity, KOs, or place visits?
A: Nah, people rarely cared about those. We only checked KO’s like, once a month, and we rarely went to others places.


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  1. Yep… Thats how it was back then xD

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