An awesome intereview with kman786!

May 17, 2008 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Interviews | Leave a comment

Ok I had another interview tucked under my sleeve. I’m still learning with wordpress so I’ll be making better posts soon 😀 Well here it is.


Q: Where did you learn your scripting and building skills? On roblox or elsewhere?
A: Well I still dont know how to scipt that well. My building skills I just developed on roblox over the months. I started as a huge noob with no lego building experience at all.

Q: Who is your main friend on roblox?
A: Well that would probably be BROofRANGE or WonkaKid. I still have a lot of friends I talk to a lot.

Q: How do you make your custom shirts (what program ect.)?
A: Well…To be honest I just started about 1 week ago and my business has really taken off. Its really hard to explain unless you just play around with transparent layers and deleting the white of your picture and stuff. I use the GIMP. You can download it for free at

Q: If you could have one custom made hat for you only; what would you want?
A: Well…Im kinda good at making hats but one that I have had trouble with is probably the computer error screen…Its basic but hard.

Q: What was your favorite contest and why?
A: Probably the roblox lands of tomorrow contest because I won in the Places of tomorrow catagory and people made awesome things out of clay, lego, ect.

Q: Do you play any other online games than roblox? If so, then what?
A: No. I used to play Club Penguin but stopped playing after about 5 months in August last year. Im gonna go longer than that with roblox.

Q: No offense if you… take offense but your bloxcity place and other of your places seem to be loosing popularity. Do you think so and why?
A: Well…Uhh..I dont see why you say New Blox City is losing popularity its been on most popular all of Today and yesterday (4/7-4/8). But yes, some of my older places are losing popularity and I have started to replace some of them.

Q: I say this every interview but do you have any words for the people trying to be like you or the people reading this interview?
A: For all you people new to roblox. Everything can be accomplished if you set your heart to it. People like Stealth Pilot, Are92, Miked, and me started as a noob at one point just like you. All you have to do is have a dream and a goal.


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