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May 15, 2008 at 3:59 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

Roblox Direct needs a HQ. I’m just gonna post this to tell you guys that the HQ is soon coming. No exact date, but there’s a possibility this week-end.
Now, you may be saying: “Sonic always posts a post with a reason. But this has no reason!” Your wrong. I posted this for information, and something else:
I will let you comment here to give us suggestions for the HQ! (No PMs, comments ONLY)
All good ideas will get credit, and on the opening post, will get a link to their profile.
At a certain time (around SATURDAY or SUNDAY), I’ll start working on some ideas in the comments. Peoples with good ideas MAY see themself around the HQ. Not sure, but it will be awesome.
Here’s a list of my ideas:
-Billboard outside with the most recent post.
-Staff members cameos in the HQ.
-At least 5 floors.
-Green Plain with some hills, and a lake.
-Talky characters. (…I’m looking at you, chess123mate. ^_^)
-Birds in the air. (Thank you Builderman for un-copylocking Emerald Forest, so I can take birds.)
-A laptop with Roblox Direct on it cameo.
That’s all my first ideas. Comment about mine, and suggest your ideas while you’re at it.


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  1. When you said a board with the most recent post on it, I was thinking What if you put a clickdetector on the board and when you click it, it changes the decal to the post before that one? I’ll try to keep thinking of more ideas XD

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