Be secure with trades – Tips

May 14, 2008 at 6:52 am | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 1 Comment

Scamming, probably a big crime that’s on ROBLOX. Scamming was made from place prizes, and trades. Place scamming is not extremely bad, but trade scam is, since you lose money. Here are a few tips to protect yourself from scams. (You can put a Trade Announce on Clockwork’s ROBLOX HQ. Please look at the blogroll.)

Tip 1: New to trading? Start trading with peoples that where reconnized to be “Good traders”. This reduced your chances of being scammed.

Tip 2: Never trade with Non-BC members. They can pay you, but you can’t. That’s bad.

Tip 3: Demand a proof photo if you’re not sure. After all, they can say “I got 5000Tixs. Let’s start.” when they only have 100Tixs.

Tip 4: Make sure you’re accepting a good price. Example: I pay 100Robux for 10Tickets is a bad deal. 100Tixs for 10ROBUX is a good deal, since robux are less owned, so you pay less RS for more tixs.

Tip 5: Trade small. Trading alot at once is useless, you have a bigger chance of being scammed.

That’s all. I did a test with the Trading Post, I placed that i pay 250RS for 5000Tixs, and i already got 2 trades requests from suspecious players. Especially if they have no badge, no visits…
Be careful with trades! (NOTE: Anyone want to trade? :P)


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  1. wow your right btw i want at least 10 R$ but im not BC so i cant get it 😦

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