SonicBoy is back for action!

May 13, 2008 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 1 Comment

After jtec leaving (I wish him good luck with his future), I did not really felt in a mood for posting. Also, school is REALLY annoying, especially my french teacher, she’s is ANNOYING with her tests, that makes me need to revise more for a test.
But let’s not talk about my teacher, what I’m talking about, is me back on the site posting.
Starting from tommorrow, (if time lets me) I can start doing big changes to the site. Unfortunatly, the Wii dosen’t do web-browsing like IE or Firefox, so that limits me ALOT. If I can hop on the computer, I’ll try to do theses things:
[ ] – Cleaner Video Page.
[ ] – Add more downloads, with a NEW! infront of the new ones, and fixing places.
[ ] – Build our Roblox Direct HQ.
[ ] – Change that banner. (About time. >_>)…
[ ] – Make a survey. (To know what’s wrong with my site.)
[ ] – Start replying to more PMs from now on. >_> (I’m shy… it’s true.)
[ ] – Frequently post like the old days.
[ ] – Organize the Blogroll.
[ ] – (Possibly) erase my forum. (the only member was… nintendo555)
[ ] – Manage the staff users. (like adding zap123 to the authors)…

I can continue this list if I want, but you get it. In short, this is gonna be advanced.


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