Servano’s “Roblox Theft City” Place Review

May 10, 2008 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 3 Comments

By: chess123mate

I personally don’t like this place. It’s just another bloxxing arena, but it simulates gangs, and I’m getting tired of seeing real-life recreation of violence getting more and more realistic. Like we didn’t have enough murdering in the real world, we had to simulate it more realistically in Roblox too.

Anyways, that’s my personal view point, let’s get to the place. It’s most detailed buildings are copied from crossroads, and the cash system doesn’t make much sense to me, nor can you buy anything. You get 5$ for every person you kill. =\. You can kill someone by: running them over, shooting, or blowing them up.

The only good thing about this place is that it hasn’t been done before. I haven’t seen anyone script a car to kill people because you got “run over”. That just isn’t Roblox.


Scripting: 2/10. You shouldn’t die if you touch a car. That doesn’t make sense. Only if the car is moving should it kill you. Even then, it didn’t even do that all the time.
Tools: 5/10. The tools are OK, but kind of silly. Most of the tools are standard tools or Servano-weapons, but there is also a missile launcher that has a slower regen-time and goes very fast, a sword named Katana [which happykoala4 tells me is a real sword name –thanks!], and a few others. Why these would be in gangs, I’m not sure. I haven’t yet found that sort of missile launcher incorporated well, either; it’s usually a “fast kill” concept. Use if you aren’t able to do anything else. At least the car tool went fast; unfortunately it still had the ability to tilt dramatically up or down. I didn’t know sports cars could 5 feet above the ground… (of course, that is Roblox style, isn’t it?)
Building: 4/10. It’s themed properly, but some of it is copied and doesn’t make sense.
General Enjoyment: 3/10. Nobody there was having fun (at least not in the server I was in); there was a lot of teamkilling (you could “run over” your own team by accident too easily until you learned of the bug), and it wasn’t designed quite right and someone managed to turn everyone “off”, there was a lot of arguing going on.
Originality: n/a. I’m not going to rate originality; it’s a gang city. Based on a violent aspect of real life, and he hit it right on.
Creativity: 3/10. There wasn’t much creativity that went into this place. Some, but not much. I guess it was creative that if you drove into the pond you went right through… but then again, maybe that was just a mistake…
Ease of Use: 2/10. You could only access one weapon at a time (using a “Switch Weapon” tool), meaning it was hard to quickly access the one you wanted. The cars were difficult to control, often going everywhere except where you wanted it to.
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn, unless you count the bugs.
Deals with Problems: 1/7. There was teamkilling, accidental killing,
Deals with Lag: 3/10. Lots of lag. Infact, as I’m writing this review, the server crashed and we’re all stuck. It was difficult to control things and get around because it took so long just to get somewhere.

Overall: 3/10. This place needs a lot of work done on it, and even then it’s not very fun. Go around a corner and blow up for no reason if you want, but I’m sticking with other places.

(And the server is still frozen. 😉 )



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  1. Nahh, I like it better this way.

  2. lolz… want me to change that? I have full editing powers on this page…

  3. I thought he said he would put that I said that the sword was a real sword in the COMMENTS, not put a COMMENT in brackets!

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