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May 9, 2008 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Place Reviews, Quick News, Roblox Direct News | 16 Comments

I am leaving Roblox for twelve months as I will be living in my caravan, while my house is getting built and I will not have the internet. I will be leaving in 3 to 2 weeks.

Another thing is that I am PERMANENTLY quitting Roblox Direct, for 2 reasons

1. I am not going to be on for 12 months.

2. I made this Post on Roblox Direct called “All the Presents Of Roblox” and it took me HOURS! I posted it on and then the next day Sonicboy Deleted it!

So I have quit Roblox Direct and WILL NOT BE COMING BACK!


P.S It looks like your new Place reviewer is doing fine anyway. YOU DONT NEED ME!




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  1. NOOOOOOO dont leave ussssssssssssssss if u leave u no get cookie

  2. Sonic is losin some of the staff now (Unlucky him.) He doesnt reply to hardly anyone so it is hard to comunicate with him, when he was looking for staff, didnt reply, not replieing to his staff.
    Sonic if you read this, start replieing to PM’s it will help ALOT of people, including yourself.

  3. OMG,JTEC!I WEAR UR SHIRT ALL THA TIME!(well most of tha time)

  4. i think sonicboy is getting problems with employees


  6. How could you, SonicBoy!

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