loads444’s Place Review

May 6, 2008 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link to loads444’s Place

The current title of his place is “CLOSED…..DELETED….CONSTRUCTING :'(“, but I believe this may indicate a transition of places…

Anyways, this place is simply an interesting place where you go into an airplane and it falls. The end. Not a great place, but the detail that was put into this place is interesting. The admin area is accessible to all (if you survive the plane crash and don’t get stuck in the base), but some parts are restricted even further.


Scripting: 5/10. There could be more scripting for the plane, but there are several interesting scripts. However, some are faulty. The morph is cool, but the hint for that is also faulty. The regen-script has no debounce, so you could create tons of lag by saying “regenplane” a lot, over and over again.
Tools: 6/10. An interesting variety of tools, some of which I haven’t seen before. Most are only available if you are admin or if you touch the base (faulty). However, there could have been more simple tools that would’ve helped enhance the game.
Building: 3/10. The plane was really good; it was in a lot of detail. However, there wasn’t much else, except in the admin area. There could’ve been a lot more sceneric objects, like clouds or buildings.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. This place was interesting, the morph was kind of fun, and there are zombies for some reason, but overall, the lag ruined the little fun there was to be had. It wasn’t very enjoyable.
Originality: 2/10. I believe there are a few of these places, however some of it was original.
Creativity: 3/10. Some parts were creative, others not so much.
Ease of Use: 4/10. Due to lag and how everything was set-up (especially for admin problems), it was a bit difficult to get around.
Easy to Learn: n/a. Not a place where you’re learning anything new.
Deals with Problems: n/a. Not really anything done to prevent people from messing around, however there was little they could mess around with. For the regen-problem (the only problem), I’ve taken off marks with “Deals with Lag” and “Scripting”.
Deals with Lag: 0/10. There are zombies, for no apparent reason; the plane has so many bricks it becomes a lag problem; and there are many other issues of lag.

Overall: 3.1/10. Not a bad effort to make this place, but it isn’t something that you’d want to go to for excessive fun. If lag was taken out, it might be a bit better.


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