huntermc’s “McDonald’s” Place Review

May 4, 2008 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to McDonald’s

(Below) Screenshot from huntermc’s Place Picture

Note: The full title is “McDonald’s (*NEW UPDATES AN MORE 2 COME *)”

This place is ideal for anyone who just wants to pretend. Unfortunately, good Roblox places should be able to allow you to play rather than to let you pretend. This place, in short, is very boring, copying many tools. Surprisingly, the entire money system is copied off Builderman Suite Hotel, something I designed and created. I suspect all or most of the models and scripts are from Free Models, however I give full credit for the configuration and concept of putting them together to huntermc. Still, this isn’t a fun place to go to.

I could not find anyone to tell me how you could spend money, although I knew how earn some 😉


Scripting: 2/10. Everything was copied, and very little of it made sense with the theme.
Tools: 1/10. Some of the tools make sense, but it’s all copied.
Building: 5/10. I can’t prove that everything was from Free Models; some of it looked original. Also, overall, it looked good. The place set up was pretty good, although, once again, there wasn’t much to allow for the ‘carrying out of orders’. Everything was pretend.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. Because this is an activity place, I believe that if someone didn’t want to play a game but just have a little fun pretending, they would get roughly 4/10 enjoyment. However, for everyone else, it’ll be more likely 1/10. So, I’m giving it a ‘compromise’.
Originality: 0/10. Once again, all concepts were copied from various real-life and Roblox objects.
Creativity: 3/10. Creative implementation of various ideas, but this can be expected for a concept that is already in real life.
Ease of Use: 3/10. Many parts of the place were cramped. This made it difficult to get around, and it was inevitable that you’d trigger some ingrediant-generation scripts.
Easy to Learn: 3/10. No instructions are in place, but fortunately you don’t really need many to figure out what you’re doing. Still, takes a lot of fiddling around to know what’s going on.
Deals with Problems: 0/10. Nothing in place; nothing appears to have been attempted, either.
Deals with Lag: 2/10. Slightly laggy place, but not massively so. However, there wasn’t anything in place to prevent mischevious people from filling up the server with empty or broken cars.

Overall: 2.2/10. This place could be a lot better with some scripting. For an activity place, it’s pretty good, but it’d be nice if there were at least some instructions. And there could be a lot more work on it to allow orders from the customers to actually be delivered. Maybe he should copy the “Move Tray” tool I made for Dued1 as well 😛 . However, until more updates to this place are made, it does not appear to be very appealing or purposeful.


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  1. I have made modifications to the mark breakdown since my original posting.

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