guggi7’s “Dogfight WWII style” Place Review

May 3, 2008 at 7:27 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 5 Comments

by chess123mate

Link to Dogfight WWII Style

(Below) Screenshot of guggi7’s Place
Dogfight WWII style

“Dogfight WWII style” is clearly an airplane fighting game, meant for flying aces or bloxxers. Ideally, this would be a classic fighting arena. In reality, perhaps not…

There are three teams, that are somehow supposed to represent 3 different sides in World War II. However, if guggi (guggi has many separate accounts, guggi7 included) had done his or her research, Germany and Japan weren’t against each other. Even if you put this fact aside, there are other issues. The only good thing about this place is the planes and plane tool was at least modified. The plane tool that guggi has claimed to make appears to be a generic plane tool with a very minor and insignificant modifications. The planes themselves appear to be the major features for this place, but I found them incredibly difficult to use compared to other planes. Another interesting thing was that guggi managed to make it so that the planes rarely exploded. Even if you ran into another plane, nothing happened. You couldn’t explode the opponent’s planes unless they were standing still and you had a clear view of it or were stopped, and even then the worst that usually happened was that a piece would fall off. One piece. Same thing happened if you were hit; if it was your head/torso, you’d die, but if it just hit your legs or the ground near you, your legs would simply fall off.

There was nothing that prevented someone from destroying your plane (which tends to get easier if the plane isn’t moving), and the regeneration of the planes was chat-only meaning all Super-Safe Chat users can’t play on the place very easily. I found it was super easy to die but very difficult to shoot someone down. I had more success in pushing someone off the base with the plane than I did actually exploding a plane.

There was a “Knife” tool (which is seen in various places) that doesn’t make much sense in WW II… they had guns, not knives!


Scripting: 2/10. There was scripting, but it was copied. You can mess people up by continually chatting an opponents regen-code, and it doesn’t allow Super-Safe Chat users to play.
Tools: 1/10. The tools were basically copies with a minor modifications. Not all of them even fit the theme, and they occasionally they’d stop working.
Building: 1/10. The airplanes deserve a 1, guggi did put some effort into getting these planes to work, but very little. There were no buildings, just 3 small roads, grass, water (which you could go through…), and planes. There were also clouds, which were a nice touch.
General Enjoyment: 0/10. At first glance, it’s actually kind of fun! Then, when you shoot someone for 10 minutes and they’re still flying, it gets kind of annoying and no fun at all.
Originality: 0/10. There are many places like this, it isn’t original at all.
Creativity: 1/10. Creative use of different styles of planes, and semi-creative names for them.
Ease of Use: 3/10. It was difficult to use the planes at times, though they were basically V3 plane tools, at least…
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn, unless you don’t know how to fly a plane.
Deals with Problems: 0/10. Nothing preventing team-killing, spawn-killing (except for force fields, but you could still destroy a plane before the pilot could get in), or any other problems. There were bugs with the plane tools as well.
Deals with Lag: n/a. There are occasional periods with very small amounts of lag, however this is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it’s more likely that it was the Roblox server.

Overall: 1/10. This place isn’t properly themed, and the best thing about it is that the planes look good. The frustrations from trying to get someone is too great, making this a place you’ll generally want to avoid.

NOTE: happykoala4 has informed me that the plane names are based on real planes. Thanks!



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  1. Well, I’m glad you are getting me known for correcting you, chess.
    I want Roblox popularity!

  2. I have made modifications to this post since it’s original posting. It is now 1/10.

  3. I cannot find Robloxsetup.exe

  4. At least it’s better than 0 😉
    For the overall, I just take the average of the individual marks. So if I only had “Scripting: 1/10” and “Originality: 5/10”, the overall would be 3/10.
    Well, 1.1 is only 0.2 off from 0.9, so I must have been pretty close! 🙂

  5. Hey, now I know what and what not to do at my place. XD I wouldn’t have given an overall of less than 1 though. maybe 1.1

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