Dillonu’s “Build-It Factory Tycoon V1.1” Place Review

May 2, 2008 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 2 Comments

by chess123mate

Link to Build-It Factory Tycoon

Below Screenshot from Dillonu’s Place PictureBuild-It Factory Tycoon V1.1 *BIG UPDATE!*

My first review!

If you’ve ever wanted to own a factory selling small brick models, this is the place for you! This place features fully customizable 3x3x3 brick models using 1x1x1 bricks. A nice activity place overall, but it won’t satisfy anyone who is interested in bloxxing and few people with building interests.
You start out with $750, and are allowed to begin selling whenever you like. You make the model and once you finalize it, it’s sold until you specify a new model.

The scripting is very detailed and secure. I detected no bugs, and you cannot play around with anyone else’s factory. Also, you are not allowed to go into debt, however there is backup money that increases gradually over time. There is even a shop that allows you to change the outer colour of your factory for $500! There is an admin suit (shirt and pants) that allow larger features (ex. models larger than 3x3x3) to make money faster, but this doesn’t ruin the enjoyment for anyone else, so it’s perfectly fine. You also start out with more money, I’m told (I didn’t buy the admin suit 😉 ). Another very nice feature is that the bricks automatically get a welded/unwelded surface to indicate whether they are correctly placed on the building pad. In addition, there is a donation system the same as uberubert’s.

However, there is a lot of lag. This lag makes the occasional person to leave (or perhaps disconnect), but generally this doesn’t influence your production because
A. There isn’t any competition (meaning this place isn’t very exciting)
B. You can’t lose money if you are able to pay for your product even once (because then it gets sold and you continue to rack up money, also meaning this isn’t a difficult place to succeed in).
Also, unless you are there for making the 3x3x3 models, the fastest way to get money in respect to the model is to fill up the entire rack with bricks and if you can add an extra to them, do so (ex. color, transparency, or reflectance/shine), as I’ll get to in a minute. As I’ve said, this place would be a lot better if it had an objective other than “get rich”, since this is one of those places that once you have lots of money, you can get more very easily.

THE MONEY SYSTEM if you’ve upgraded everything fully…
I did a little experimenting and found that it adds up the bricks’ characteristics with a flat rate.
The platform and every brick cost 10$ each, but sell for 20$ when they automatically get to the end of the conveyor belt.
If you change the transparency, shinyness, or colour of a brick, it’ll cost 1$ when it gets to the “machine” (if you’ve fully  upgraded the machine), but sells for 10$ more for each extra for each brick.
Thus if you add up everything, you’ll get about $1009 every few seconds. This adds up very quickly. Although I was finding that I seemed to be getting closer to $1200 rather than $1009… perhaps there were some additional features that gave you money. In other words, don’t bother getting creative because that’ll mean you don’t get as much money. Note that if you can’t pay for the product, it simply won’t go on the conveyor belt. You have to either use the backup money, or if that’s not enough you have to downgrade to a simpler product.

And finally…


Scripting: 10/10. The scripting used is excellent; the detail of the place is amazing and still being upgraded. The 2 things I found that could be improved are lag (see below) and if you buy a new colour, your “Team Color” doesn’t change.
Tools: 10/10. The tools are very well done. They do their job, and can’t really do anything more. All tools that fit with
the theme of the place are implemented well.
Building: 8/10. There wasn’t much detail, but it was all done independantly and looked good too. It added to the “factory look”.
General Enjoyment: 4/10. There wasn’t much to do. Just upgrade and a little building of the new models.
Originality: 4/10. There wasn’t anything really new about the place compared to previous places, but it was still different enough to give a 4.
Creativity: 4/10. Fairly creative use of all the different features, but not much thought was given to this place.
Ease of Use: 8/10. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to use. There’s even a run tool to get over any long distances.
Easy to Learn: 8/10. It takes only a little bit to get the hang of it.
Deals with Problems (includes bugs and rulebreakers): 10/10. I didn’t encounter or come up with anything that could potentially become a problem. The modelling room was locked so that only the factory owner could get in. Everything else used buttons, preventing outsiders from ruining your factory settings.
Deals with Lag: 1/10. There is a lot of lag in this place. The scripts are in perhaps too much detail, creating large periods of massive lag that end up in Roblox freezing the animation of the characters.

Overall: 6.7/10
This isn’t a bad place, but it gets very boring very quickly. It has many good features, and will continue to improve in the lines of lag, but it isn’t there yet.




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  1. Thanks! Yes, I agree, it is very boring, but for the tycoon genre, it’s one of the better ones (or at least, it might become one of the better ones 😉 ). Dillonu actually took the time to make the machines do their job, and apparently he’s planning to add more. For some of the younger audiences in Roblox, they will probably enjoy it more because of the detailed scripting and all the possible upgrades.

    And unless people like this very large sized review, I’m going to be summarizing a bit better in future ones 🙂

  2. My opinion of this place is quite simple, boring.
    You stack some bricks, color them and whatever and then you start selling them.
    Yay, just wait for the money to get in…

    Nice review though =)

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