Spring Block Party: Parade Results

April 23, 2008 at 7:20 am | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment

The first two parades have already passed. Looking at theses parades at 100% is annoying, and the first thing you actually think is: “Where’s my entry???” I’m gonna do a list here of all the entrys who appeared in a parade. When the 3rd one appears, I will modify it.

Blogs Mentioned:

  • ROBLOX News
  • ROBLOX Juice


  • builderm8
  • jqs94
  • Mario1456
  • ssedmiddleman
  • ZaoZao
  • Moltamario64
  • ToaZuku
  • briguy9876


  • aeddan1
  • Kaji04
  • WereFaithful
  • shadowluigi64
  • mjt510
  • Django136
  • Ancheliord
  • rubix47
  • gtbot
  • battleben
  • flashjoew
  • SonicBoy (W00T?)
  • Noobertuber
  • Lizardfreak
  • mariofanno1
  • KingArthurBOOM
  • baoender
  • Daris
  • BobCChia
  • ajm1996
  • wenkuang77
  • spyder6697
  • friendking
  • DUdemanthing
  • LegoPepper
  • splatmatt
  • yomonkey2976
  • Ganondude
  • ehwhat
  • TylerMcBride
  • xanth
  • Mario789
  • firelord520
  • pteotexz
  • Koopa
  • chaoman1130
  • Biox

Well that’s all for now! Be sure to check ROBLOX Direct to see the last list that will appear shortly. And keep looking at that banner on top, I’m making a Block Party banner. See ya soon!

-Sonic Boy


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  1. Hey,

    It might be good to make an entry for ROBLOX Direct, if you haven’t allready.
    Not completely sure, but I think you HAVE to do this to get your blog mentioned.
    As this is what WK and me both did.

    I’m 100% sure you will be next 😀


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