The 3 current glitches on ROBLOX

April 21, 2008 at 8:59 am | Posted in Quick News | 21 Comments

Guess what? ROBLOXians in all the community have discovered 3 glitches: 1 good; 2 bad.

The 2/3 Hat Glitch

The player here is Wirodeu. Most of you already know about the 2-Hat Glitch. It dissapeared, but now it’s back, and this time it’s a bit better. The bad point is that it is now harder to perform. The good point is that if you’re lucky enough, you might just have 3 hats! The forum has lots of guides on getting 2/3 hats, so take a look at the forum.

Leg + Arm = Gone

This is extremely rare. Some players think that it has a relationship with the 2/3 hat gltich. Not much about it, apart losing your leg and your arm on your picture…

Place Upload Glitch

This is recent. For SOME reason, you can’t upload a place for now… The admins NEED to fix this. Just look at my place: I updated it with swords, wall, working rocket launcher, and then… NOTHING!

That’s all for now. Oh yes, the first parade has started. And… I’M IN THE FIRST PARADE! And also, I made a new place, but sadly cannot put the right weapons, due to the upload glitch.

-Sonic Boy



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  1. ok nooby noob noob nub… if your saving your place and it says upload failed after like 10 minutes 1. you hav 2 music playing things 2. to much of an update while having 1 music player 3. To much of a update by lik 20k bricks!


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