April 16, 2008 at 8:08 pm | Posted in News | 6 Comments

(This is very quickly written, since I’m on the Wii)
ROBLOX Juice is a ROBLOX News blog made by Wirodeu. It contains very active news, so just RSS Feed it if you’re having trouble reading every single news. It’s well-known in the ROBLOX Community, so we decided to add it to the Blogroll. Go check this great site! —>
NOTE: I really have to organize the ROBLOX Links, it’s starting to be a mess… -_-



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  1. Join my fansite! its awsome! join my clan if you want so you can help other people! is the sire!

  2. plz join my blog,and link to it

  3. can you drink it? lol

  4. Urg. I made the blog… Anyway. i dont care the others being there.

  5. Oh btw, It’d be nice if you could add the other team member’s their names aswell (Jimjambo, Sidaru, FreeFurbie).
    Because I do it with them and don’t wanna be in the spotlights all alone! xD

  6. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    Once I figure out how to use that dang link widget I will add you to our links. 🙂

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