Block Party Report #1

April 10, 2008 at 6:13 pm | Posted in Contests | 2 Comments

1. Almost 500 photos!

It has been reported that almost 500 photos are on the site! This is a very big number, the reason why the contests are getting more played are because:

  • Prizes. Everybody wants them.
  • The linking on the website. After the update of 1st of April, a linking has appeared on the Home page of the site, with the 5 recent news of the ROBLOG.
  • The increasing amount of players.

2. Too many “Noob Entrys”

Interresting enough, we can comfirm this speaking: “Noobs can’t read AT ALL.” They are WAY to much images that are stolen from the internet. Noobs also started stealing images from the website: that’s right: their avatar. Some even publish the wallpapers that come with Windows.

3. The gallery is hidden…

ReeseMcBlox said on the Official Contest Post, that the gallery will be open in the 2nd week. Some players actually found the gallery by modifiying the link. I am not telling how, but ReeseMcBlox should fix this glitch before the cheating situation gets worse. Already, there’s enough images stolen on the net to give the admins lotsa work, so if we add copied entrys…

4. The edit of the Official Blog Post.

If you have not noticed, the admins recently changed the page. A new prize is waiting, and that is for bloggers, like us! =D Please check the official page, to see the new rules.

NOTE: ROBLOX Direct will accept your entrys to be put on the site. But all entrys should be sended by PM, and it must be PMed to SonicBoy. Please, respect the ROBLOX Rules with what your writing. (Any entry not respecting thoses rules will be ignored, and I will NOT send you a reply)

NOTE: Stealing this image will make you disqualified, as I made this picture, and it’s MY contest entry.

5. Tips N°1

  • ROBLOX Screenshot: Try getting a good camera angle, and use look at object if necessary.. If you are building the place, try adding a good skybox to go with the theme (A sunny sky for a Beach Party, a virtual skybox for a console…). Also, when the image is done, remove the hud to make it more “Proffesional”.
  • Photo: Again, a good camera angle is necesarry. Adjust the lighting of the room to make the camera take a better shot. With GIMP/Paint.NET/PhotoShop/Paint/etc…, remove the bad parts. Also, if any face appears, either put an image on it, or just put lotsa paint on the face.
  • Description: Remember: think like you are writting in the ROBLOX Wiki. Check your spelling, don’t put smiley faces (like :D) and don’t put chat stuff (like lol). Describe it to 100%: talk about everything in it, and also tell how you made it.

The second report will appear on Wednesday, April 16.

-Sonic Boy



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  1. Awsome dude!
    Well, i take a picter by holdong Prt Sc.
    For my entry *Kinda stupid because its the first compitition im taking part in*it is a boucy castle with a sign saying 15tix for 5 minutes and a ticket booth with a person saying tix please!
    Pretty stupid Huh?


  2. Awesome picture, Sonic! I liked it so much, I put it into a parade on my site. 🙂 Thanks for putting me in it, lol.

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