The five MOST BOUGHT Roblox hats!

April 9, 2008 at 7:12 am | Posted in Charts / Buisness News | 3 Comments

This is a little thing I made showing the 5 Most bought ROBLOX HATS and also some little descriptions.

1. 2007 ROBLOX Visor

2007 ROBLOX Visor

The top selling hat is the old Roblox Visor, which should not be at the top for long considering you can not buy it anymore, so it is now considered rare. Which sucks because I sold mine a day before they stopped selling them!

2. ROBLOX Visor


This is the newest Visor to come out and it took the 2007 ones place , and in my opinion is that this hat is cool, because it is like fluro-ish. Not much to say about it though, besides that you should get your hands on it because it will probably also be rare when they make a new one.

3. Blue Winter Cap

This is the blue winter cap, great for winter and in my opinion only something someone new would buy, because you would NOT see me in this beanie. lol .

4. Astronaut Helmet

This is the most expensive of the five and to be honest im surprised its their but it is one of the more “Unique” hats in the catalog, for the reason that if you see someone in a game wearing it your going to look at it, so a great choice of hat in my opinion.

5. Stage Prop

I think this is up there in the five because it is “interesting” I find it pretty cool and simple which I also like. This isnt a hat I would suggest though as there are better hats than this that are cheaper, so yea.



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  1. Heheh, the new visor is the top now! 😛

  2. lol

  3. And yet, i dont have any of those

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