Interview with xLEGOx – by zap123

April 8, 2008 at 1:07 pm | Posted in Interviews | 5 Comments

The xLEGOx season. zap123 decided to interview xLEGOx, who is very famous with his well scripted places. This was posted a bit late, but I posted it. Enjoy the interview! -by zap123

zap123: You seem to have very good scripting skills. Did you learn them elsewhere or did you pick them up here?
xLEGOx: I started programming because of roblox. I learnt the basics from the wiki, and then some more by looking at scripts. After that I did a lot of experminenting which led to a lot of breakthroughs and advances for me =P, the most known one, being the multi-handle weapons.
zap123: What do you think of clans (Bloxxer clan, Teapot Drone clan and ect.)?
xLEGOx: Waste of time, I support groups who work together on large projects, clans are just a waste of time.
zap123: Who’s your best friend on roblox?
xLEGOx: UberUbert, I still corrospond with him sometimes, although he quit about a month ago
zap123: What is your favorite type of place (obsical course, fighting, explore, ect.)?
xLEGOx: I would say…
my Conquest 1, and 2 strategy gaming maps, I like games like Age of Empires and the command and conqer games like red-alert.
zap123: What did you think of the eater egg hunt contest?
xLEGOx: It was ok, they gave too many of the gygax and other good ones though =O
zap123: What is your favorite egg hat?
xLEGOx: Gygax, or shadow, I can’t decide which, allthough I dont particularily like any of them.
zap123: Do you have any wise words for people who want to be like or or the people reading this interview?
xLEGOx: if you want to make a good map, base it off an activity in real life, preferably one that hasn’t been made before. And don’t burry it in Cliches…
Also, DO NOT PUT SHIRT ADMINS IN YOU MAPS, they disballance games, and make them bad!

-Sonic Boy



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  1. O_o o_O WTF

  2. XLEGOX is now a forum moderator. Hes scripts are the best!

  3. …xlegox…

  4. NO NOT HIM!!!

  5. Aaaaaah… wha? Uberubert…. QUIT!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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