The “Doomsday” Satellite? Clockwork?

April 7, 2008 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Quick News | 8 Comments

The Doomsday Satellite?

If you where on ROBLOX recently, you will notice the change to Mr. Clockwork. Yes, be scared, you are doomed if you meet him, as clockwork just added a satellite to his Teapot Turret. This is the most impressive part of the Teapot Turret, because of the cool looking mesh. Clockwork commands the Satellite with the Tool Move Satellite. Then, when he wants to attack, he uses the Fire Satellite tool and clicks on a player. The satellite then fires a Balefire attack to the enemy, that is an 1Hit KO. Of course, if you want to act as God Clockwork, then you might as well play in the place called Satellite, created by -of course- clockwork!

-Sonic Boy



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  1. That. Is. AWESOME!!! >:-D
    I mean…HORRIBLE!!! D-‘:

  2. I saw Clockwork with this on, and my first thought was “MOMMY!!” XD

  3. to spotty:LoL lOl LoL oMg YeAh RiGhT!

  4. i reported some1 there because he spawnkilled me there 6 times,i had to

  5. RUN!!! RUN FOR LIFE!!!

  6. lol

  7. the saying is clockwork will abandon the Roblox Team and use his sattelite to rid robloxia of happiness and friends and make war with the roblox team.
    also they say we will be the troops being deployed

  8. AWESOME. This is one thing I genuinely ENJOY being killed by, because it’s just so dang AWESOME!

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