Top 3 Places ::: All Time

April 6, 2008 at 8:54 am | Posted in Charts / Buisness News | 5 Comments

This was not that expected. Servano’s Resident Evil: Build to Survive has just came in 3rd place!!! If you look well, you can see that if 1,000 more peoples visit his place, he will be better than builderman’s ROBLOX World Headquarters. But I doubt it will over-come the mighty Ultimate Paintball CTF. He took the place of miked’s Minigame World, that was basically THE place to go to in the olden days…

-Sonic Boy



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  1. oh sonic, it is now 2nd place, just tellin you,

  2. Miked’s paintball isnt that good and will eventually fall…if that happend tough, miked would go nuuuuts!!

  3. Bleh… Servano’s place is decent, but that’s it. The fact is, if you take a decent place, and add some popular name, like Halo, or Resident Evil, you’re bound to get tons of visits… Of course, Resident Evil is a popular name that includes Zombies, so of course a decent Resident Evil level is gonna get a ton of views… Put that together with the fact that it’s a “Build To Survive”… Anyway… It’s an ok level, but I’m willing to wager the subject matter is the only real reason it’s so high on the list…

  4. I still don’t like any Build to Survive, period. Servano’s is the best, but that’s not saying much.

  5. and to think I gave Servano’s place a pretty bad review lol

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