JustinP231’s Giant Pachinko Machine Returns – Review by Jtec

April 6, 2008 at 3:15 am | Posted in Place Reviews | 5 Comments

I haven’t done a review for a little while now and because he requested I review his place I did. To start of I think I should mention what the game is and how it works. When you say the word “go” you turn into a ball and start falling through a series of peg type things and into one of seven boxes, some giving points and some taking away points and one in the middle which is perfect size for the ball/you to fit in which makes it next to impossible to get. With all these points you can buy cool prizes from a fish tank to disco clothes for your person and MANY, MANY MORE! I also think that this game is very funny, because if you get minus points you can get “Emergency money” which makes all your clothes disappear and all your prizes disappear too, it also sends a message to everyone that the person that took the emergency money is pathetic because they sold their clothes! You can also be admin when you make over 50,000 points which I personally think is impossible unless you get the jackpot, which is like impossible 🙂 . There are lots of other neat features, like seeing how far away you are from the high score. The only downside is that it can get really pointless pretty fast. Overall this game gets an 8/10, for the humor and the very EXCELLENT scripting.

Giant Pachinko Machine Returns!NEW PRIZE-SPARKLES!

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  1. Cool. So I’m the first to get a link? XD But man, being reviewed and stuff.. I feel like a celebrity, which I’m not.

  2. Good idea 🙂 By the way u like my review?

  3. I’m gonna add a Link to every game the Site reviews…

  4. No problemo With the review and I agree with the admin thing.

  5. Thanks for the review! Personally, I would’ve rated my place a bit lower, maybe seven, or even six out of ten, though… After all, keeping a person entertained for a period of time is one of the more important parts about making a good place, I think. Anyway… It’s not really that hard to get a higher score, though. Some of the major points of getting a high score are not buying prizes, and having a good amount of patience. I will admit it is a bit high, though. After all, I can’t have EVERYBODY being admins. >_> Especially once I implement some new admin features I’m thinking of…

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