Massive ROBLOX Update!

April 2, 2008 at 7:13 am | Posted in News | 4 Comments

Today, it shall be called “Epic Upgrade Day”. As everyone was thinking about the joke of the year, the ROBLOX Team was so nice, they made an update, and it’s big.

  • Places and Models now appear in your “My Stuff” page and in the Catalog. This should be more organized.
  • You can now comment the places and models of other players.
  • Showcase feature
  • Optional E-Mail Verification tool.
  • Sparkles and ClickDetector object added.
  • Some Crashes fixed
  • Open Source Market.

Open Source Market

Yes, you can now sell shirts, non-BC! But at a price: everyone can take it for free. Basically, you can put shirts for free! But the problem is: “Noobs will start selling best shirts at a ridiculious price”. To makke it open source, just tick the box of it when your editing the shirt.

Of course, the rest on the news resides on the Roblog. Have fun building with this new update!

-Sonic Boy



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  1. roblox latest updates:

    truss blocks now available

    no more 2 by 4s on the bricks screen

    banned DHTML as of April 2009

    new motion detectors in beta (only on test server version)

    upgraded to lua 5.0 (now new codes, but i do not know them)

    lua script php loader in beta (only on test server version and only in
    affect for roblox admins)

    new car scripts that allow use of arrow keys to steer and drive car (like an swf game!)

    new tool scripts (includes the super ball)

    roblox reaches version 5.0 in June and there will be a party at my friend Mario110’s place on roblox. any 1 is welcome and its on june 6
    and 7th. bring your own weapons (some will be provided

  2. how do people get the updated version of the roblox website its alot newer than the old one

  3. hackers hack mikeds paintball ctf and the crashes had to go to someone and thats me but i noticed they are begining to fade

  4. Another thing that everyone seems to have missed is the complete removal of :children(), which had been depreciated for as long as I can remember. I think this is why Ultimate Paintball CTF broke after the update….

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