Interview with are14 – by zap123

April 2, 2008 at 11:41 am | Posted in Interviews | 4 Comments
zap123 comes back with yet another interview! Enjoy, as he reviews are14! Hope you guys enjoy!

: What are your favorite places that other people have made?
A: This is hard, either are92’s halo places, Motorstorm places or.. Realy, I don’t know!
Q: What do you think is the best model you’ve made?
A: The PSP ^^ (Not released)
Q: The PSP water park you made is a good place. Was it hard to make?
A: Well, are92 made the place first (He’s a good friend), and it was supposed to look like the place I built before it. It was not too hard, but are92 and I used some time on it!
Q: What is your favorite model?
A: Well, of the ones I made I would say the PSP, but I think the planes and cars are good too!
Q: (this question sounds pretty lame but anyways) Where did your name come from?
A: It’s actualy my real name and the age I was then I joined Roblox ^^
Q: Is roblox your favorite online-game site or is there another favorite?
A: I have no other places to go to, and I think Roblox is very good!


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  1. yea but it aint as easy as you think wirodeu

  2. Instead of all these small interviews and place reviews, make big interviews and reviews instead 😉 Much better.

  3. I understand the problem, I just realized how to fix it. Wait a few secs…

  4. EHEM. SonicBoy. I still can’t post stuff!

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