~~After Genocide~~ by xLegox: Place review by jediknightkrazy

April 2, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 8 Comments

To look at the place, you’d think it was just another stupid place that’s all too common these days, with overpowered weapons, spawnkillers, teamkillers, and other unpleasant things. Given xLegox’s record (Brickwars Battlefront II, Conquest, etc.), I figured I’d give the place a try.

A typical battlefield in After Genocide

The place is extremely well built; buildings are clearly in ruins, and you can climb up some crumbling walls to the second floor, where you can snipe people! The maps are well balanced, though: The best sniping spots are the ones most exposed to enemy gunfire! Another nice touch is that players don’t fall apart when they die. The guns are also made of multiple parts, so no more resized paintball guns or elongated sticks (looking at you, Servano ;P); each gun looks basically like what it’s supposed to be. You can pretty quickly tell if your enemy is using, say, a shotgun, when you’re using a pistol. Time to run!

Me standing in front of the shop buttons, trying out my new SMG!

The main attraction of this place is the guns, and for good reason. Not only does each gun have a unique ammo system, the gun cursors also show you how much ammo you have left! According to the description, you can manually reload, but I never actually tried it. The guns are very well balanced. The rifle has good speed, but isn’t very accurate. The pistol is much more accurate, but you can only fire one shot at once. Then, once you rack up enough “points” (I think it’s 10 per kill), you can buy new guns; guns that you keep after you die, unlike some places >_>. These guns include (ordered by price from least to most), the SMG, which fires as long as you hold the mouse button, the shotgun, which fires lots of shots at once (good for closeup battles), and a sniper rifle, which has deadly accuracy, but takes a while to reload. Also to note is that the sniper rifle will occasionally refuse to do damage. xLegox should probably look into that.

Annihilation is fun when the weapons aren’t all the same!

This place isn’t perfect, though. Your progress is tracked by a “rating” percentage, rather than the usual KOs/WOs scheme. While this is a great system, it prevents you from adding KOs to your total, something that aspiring Bloxxers will not appreciate. It is also a bit frustrating when you start, as everyone has better guns than you. If you get into a server on your own, I suggest you leave, as there will be nothing for you to do while you wait, due to the game’s multiplayer focus.

You will annihilate, and you will be annihilated.

In conclusion, this is a great place. Visit it while you can, because quality places aren’t appreciated for long in the noob-filled Robloxia.



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  1. I disagree on the “greatness” of this place. All you do is kill people.
    Everything was designed to be more real of a war zone.
    Stupidity. Great scripting, but for a very bad cause.

  2. The fact that the guns sometimes do not damage is becuase of the fact that they do not do damage if they hit someone else’s gun/helmet……

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  4. its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hide & Seek is fun, though… >_>

  7. It is a good place. However, once everyone gets snipers, it is more hide and seek like, as people will end up using only snipers once they get em. Also, yes, the manual reload works. Good if you took out an enemy with your rifle, and are low on ammo, so it would be best to reload before the next one comes. =D Also, there is a small sewer area, which really only leads to the exact mirrored spot on the enemy’s side.

  8. Aw… Sounds like a lot of fun. T_T I tell you, not having internet on my computer is no fun at all. Ah well… Great review, I think, and… Yeah… I got nothing. -_-

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