R’ Browse – The new way to browse ROBLOX!

April 1, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in News | 3 Comments
Aeacus, founder of the Delta Corp Forum (Link), has made a new browser! Please welcome, R’Browse!
At first, Aeacus requested on his Delta Corp forum to make a banner with the text “R’ Browse”. Because I was fealing happy, I made the logo. He accepted it, but the mystery was not clear… “What could it be for?” At first, I thought it was just a Search Function for ROBLOX Web Browser, but no. It’s way more than that. This could mean alot.
Basically, R’ Browse is called by Aeacus the “New way to browse ROBLOX”. Here is a short listing about the functionalitys of this new browser:
  • Various links to Roblox related pages, including Delta Corp forum.
  • Asset Fetching, input an item ID, and it will take you to that item’s source code.
  • Referral URL generator, put in your userID, and it will give you a link to send to your friends. Now you can get the inviter badge without sending emails!
  • Auto Post, using this will send you to a New thread page.
  • Lots of more good stuff inside… See if you can find them all.
We can all thank Aeacus. Maybe this will help a bit more our ROBLOXian lives. If this is really popular, who knows, maybe the ROBLOX Team will use this for future versions… and a possibility of Aeacus being in the Team!
Note: You will need any Un-Zipper program to extract the file. If you don’t know how to use one, simply ask your parents for getting help. Also, if you do no have Net Framework 3.5, the installation could take up to 45 minutes. If however, you do have this, it will be very quick. It will take a few seconds.
Credits: Aeacus, for making the program, and also giving some information on Delta Corp. SonicBoy, for making the logo. (Also the official logo was made by me).
>>>>> Download R’ Browse Here!!! <<<<<
Please note: The program was NOT made by ROBLOX Team. Therefor, it is not official. The ROBLOX Team is not responsible if something bad happened to your computer by installing R’ Browse. You should (probably) send a PM about any bugs to Aeacus. And, do NOT send me PMs about R’ Browse. If you do, I will simply erase it. Also, don’t try to say: “ZOMG! IT4S A TUPID APRIL FoOLS JOKE! NooB!” I did post this on 1st April, but I mean this is real. The thing was posted on Aeacus’ Delta Corp as a Sticky on Sunday, March 30th 2008.
-Sonic Boy


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  1. How the heck do you upload it?

  2. Idiots. This is a just a scam to steal passwords.

  3. .NET Framework 3.5 r00ls!

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