Interview with AgentBloxxer – by zap123

March 30, 2008 at 9:51 am | Posted in Interviews | 1 Comment
zap123, our interviewer, has made yet again another interview! This time it’s with AgentBloxxer, the ROBLOXian who is the Real Creator of the popular game: “Destroy the wall to be admin!”. Hope you enjoy this interview!
Q: What is your fav. hat or shirt?
A: I like the muscle shirt that I’m wearing.
Q:What is your fav. person on roblox?
A: Probably klikafizzy (aka are5) but I have a few more like haloguy, rebreb, and KingApple. I do have many other true friends (like not just on the friends list) on ROBLOX but I’m not going to name them all.
Q: Do you think roblox has too many obby courses and other pointless stuff? If so, Do you plan to do anything about it and what?
A: I think ROBLOX has a little high amount of ob courses but it’s not really a critical situation.
Q: Do you have any new, good modles that you will come out with soon?
A: I’m working on two new tools one with friends and one by myself. I have no idea what they will be though.
Q: Do you think that some of the rules of roblox don’t make much sence?
A: I think they all make sense. Without them ROBLOX would be a terrible site.
Q: Have you ever done anything on roblox that you’ve regretted later?
A: Yes. I swore on another account (when I was stupid) because I was really mad at the admins knocking down the stairs on Fireguy650’s ob course. I’m not that stupid anymore so don’t worry about me swearing.
-Sonic Boy

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  1. Woot,this is kinda old but,now im his BEST friend 😀

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