^— O NOES!

March 27, 2008 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 2 Comments
Note: This is a random image.
I had to close the Jobs section. Why? Here is 3 reasons:
  1. [77% of my PMs is in this category] Most of them where noobs who were begging, or it was noobs who badly filled/understanded the form. Also noobs had HORRIBLE spelling.
  2. I’m fine with my team for now. They are doing great work, so they should be no problem…
  3. Some just didn’t do a good recrutement form.
Unless someone leaves, or if I feel like it, the page will reopen. Sorry for the incovenient.
Oh, by the way, a blog called ROBLOX Direct Studios is on the makings. It will be the Movie HQ, and there will be jobs for each movie!
-Sonic Boy


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  1. aw man, i was so bummed out when i found that out. i really needed a job.

    HEY what is ROBLOX Direct Studios and when is it happening

  2. People had bad spelling?Jeeze,It’s not that hard to spell.

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