Sword Fight on the heights II Tips N’ Tricks

March 26, 2008 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 3 Comments
Sword fight on the Heights II: Great Classic, Great Sequel. The first Sword Fight evar becomes a big battlefield, with power-ups, more swords. Telamon also expanded the place by adding Springs, a bridge, Jetboots, and just lots more. All great games need help, so here is how to be the best at this great game.
1. Power-Ups, Swords, Bonuses
The firebrand. This will deal massive damage. Althought there is a Spawn Point right next to the Firebrand, you can still access it by going by the 3 ropes. Just be careful not to fall in that tiny hole. 😉
The ice dagger. The most powerful weapon in the whole game. Touching someone will be frozen, then lose all of his HP. To get this, you must get trough the Phantom Plates, then avoid the Rotational Lava Bricks.
The MedKit. Running low on HP? Have BattleArmor, but you dont want to go through many obsticals just to heal? Well, this item is for you. Using it will heal your HP fully. You can only use it once, though. To get this, either spawn next to it, or cross the big bridge.
The sheild. Using this item will make you invinsible for 5 seconds. To get this, jumb by the little mountains, or spawn there.
The Battle armor. Grab this to increase your MaxHP to 300! An ideal bonus. To get this, climb the rotational mountain.
The jetboots. This is used either to Dodge enemy attcaks, or to get to high places fast. To get this, use the spring next to the bridge.
2. Fighting Tips
  • Don’t fight if you are very low on HP. Instead, find the HealPad or use a MedKit.
  • If you want to survive, and rack up a big amount of KOs, you should get all bonuses.
  • If you are falling, quickly equip the Jetboots. This could save a WO.
  • Instead of using the mouse to choose a weapon, use the numbers. Example: If Jetboots is Item 2 in your inventory, press the 2 Key.
  • Try avoiding fighting the Ice Daggers owners. Unless they are noobs who can’t slunge their swords, it is hard to blox them without getting a WO.
  • Try fighting in Brawls. If you see many peoples fighting in a little corner, blox them all. Best with Ice Dagger, or FireBrand.
  • Be careful with trampolines: they can sometimes make you bump on the floor, and most of the time, it’s due to the fact that you are holding a sword when you are using the trampoline. Desequip any tool (apart the Jet Boots) to avoid getting a easy WO.
  • Keep your camera zoomed out a bit. This is essential to see all the attacks by behind.

3. Cool, Good Tricks N’ Glitches

  • Sometimes, the rotational lava brick may be glitched. It will stop, so the battle could be a bit more easier.
  • Got a WO by the Pit? Drop your weapons with Backspace, and for some reason, they appear close to the place where you fell.
  • Sometimes (rarely), when you use the HealPad, you will be healed, but it will regen 3 seconds later!
  • When you are bloxxed while holding a sword, if the enemy is low HP, and touches the Sword, he will get a WO, and you will get a KO! (NOTE: Only works for the Basic Sword)

4. Sword Techniques

  • Sword Dance: Pull out a sword, keep using it, and at the same time, perform a combination of pressing Up and Down very quickly. You will love this if you have the Ice Dagger! 😛
  • Showdown: While running on a Rope, if someone is in your way, is equiped with a sword, a charging right at you, just keep running at him, then, when you are close to him, start attacking. If you have a perfect timing, you can do 2 Normal Attacks and a Slung Attack! Result: KO for you, WO for him.

So, if you can get a Bloxxer badge with this guide, then you’re awesome. If not, then you need more training. Oh, and one more thing:

If everyone in the server is being a Noob, change servers.

Well that’s all. See ya later!

-Sonic Boy



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  1. now try this sword fight on the hights III! yup 3! this has 3 more swords and one item that makes you invisable name hat health you name it! yup this is one step forward and i really want to be a writer because i have collected massive data lately and i know quite a lot

  2. Nice tips, though I have beat all exept babyluigi and jacobxxduel,
    I never use powerups, I use ninja skills, sneaks, drops, and out turning/jumping,
    and rake in the kos, while getting low wos, as for me never using powerups, thats because pwning a pearson like babyluigi is even easy with them,
    though most likely could not beat jacob even with all,
    but my point is it makes no challenge,
    I pwn ice and fire and armor noobs without.

    Happy fighting.

  3. Cool. Those are some good tips.

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