Jtec’s 2 Reviews

March 26, 2008 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 4 Comments

And again! Zomg, 3 reviews in a row??? Yes, Jtec has made 2 new reviews. One is on Farm Tycoon by uberubert, and the other is on Destroy the SpaceShip by DrewsomeB. Enjoy.

-Sonic Boy

– Farm Tycoon –

This is honestly one of my favorite games on Roblox. It is scripted SUPERBLY! Also there is that big suspicious tree which has a great tool at the top and is near impossible to reach but is great for the people who like obstacle courses. There isn’t anything for the people who like building or fighting though. It also very friend friendly, by that I mean you can donate money to your friend and vice versa. Another great part is for example when you buy the watering system it adds a watering system above the plants. It doesn’t just say “Watering system installed” It actually shows that it is installed. One of the only problems with it would be sometimes the “Become Owner of this Farm” takes 5 minutes too work especially when place is full, but besides that this Is one of the best scripted games in Roblox. I rate it an 8/10.

Destroy The Spaceship
Review by DrewsomeB

As a reviewer I like the unique games for example this awesome one of a kind game. The idea of the game is to well as the title says destroy the ship. It is very entertaining and an awesome game for role-players and Bloxxers, but nothing for the people who like building. A great idea to add to the game though would be either ranks or a possibility to fly the actual spaceship. This is a game that I recommend to everyone and I would even pay 20 Tix every time to play if I had to and it is a great game for the under and over 13’s. I rate this game a 9/10.



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  1. Good to see people are reading my reviews. 🙂

  2. I personnly didn’t like destroy the spaceship because if your defending it.. well once it’s gone ure dead plus the game is to fast

  3. I aggree with both of these ratings! (Farm Tycoon, i think should of gotten a 9/10) Jtec, u have very good taste! Oh! also, how do u make those smiely face things?

  4. I disagree with your rating. I know that probably doesn’t matter 😉 but I still do. I would’ve thought something where all you do is *destroy* something shouldn’t get such a good rating… however I suppose Farm Tycoon is a good 8/10 — it could use some improvement, but is one of the first good places I’ve seen in Roblox.

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