March 26, 2008 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 3 Comments

Welcome back. Today, jediknightkrazy is gonna review for us the game “BE CRUSHED BY A SPEEDING WALL!” that was created by NintendoZACHERY. I hope you guys will enjoy this.


Though the title is “be crushed by a speeding wall”, the creator has placed an emphasis on getting to the secret room at the end.

Other people who use the title of the place as their guide abuse the “Set forth the speeding wall” button, leading to noobs yelling “STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” and “I REPORT U OMG” (Possibly the reason why the report button is nowhere to be seen in that place… curious.)

This place is fun for a few minutes after you press the button, get crushed, then press it and attempt to survive by going into a Safe Zone, or, more recently, creating a 1-use house to shelter yourself and 2 others. Unfortunately, the latter method causes you to survive, yet go all the way back to the beginning.

After a while of dying/surviving, you will want to reach the end. However, with the ease of setting forth the wall, you will die (or ride in a house) many times before you even reach a Safe Point along the way.

Once (if) you actually reach the end, you will change teams and find several things available to you: Several morphs that are fun for a minute or two, a “funjail” that you can actually access at any time, a few items that can be “bought” with deaths (Which take away deaths, and don’t regen next time you die, which you do frequently in this place. They’re really not worth it.), a few horrendously overpowered weapons (that can even spawnkill, leading to more screaming and reporting noobs)

Another thing: If there are admins in the place, expect it to be hacked beyond recognition. Admins can block The Button, among other things)

Overall: 3/10. Fun for a minute, but noobs and contradictary objectives don’t mix, and overpowered admins and winners kill the fun even faster.



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  1. i hate noobs

  2. it is goodly made, but as you said noobs and winners make it worse, noobs are taking over roblox 😦

  3. i have to agree!

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