Interview with JacobxxDuel – By zap123

March 25, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Interviews | 5 Comments

Well, the first interview of ROBLOX Direct was made by zap123. Please note that spelling where fix in this edition (I mean the small typos).

-Sonic Boy

Zap123: Was there any main insperation for the “Telamon Temple” place you’ve recently created?
JacobxxDuel: Uh, I don’t know if you could call it “insperation.” I did kinda get the idea from a TV show but Ive changed it so much it doesn’t look any thing like what I started it to be. Its still cool though.

Zap123: What do you think of all these places that arn’t really anything new and have become a clitch’e?
JacobxxDuel: Uh… I don’t think of them. I mean really I don’t have a lot of time to play the game any more. Shane and I are busy making some cool new maps that hopefully will solve the “nubbby place problame.” Roblox needs more good maps, and fast.

Zap123: How much money do you currently have?
JacobxxDuel: Enough.

Zap123: How many contests have you won?
JacobxxDuel: 2… or 3… I don’t really rember.

Zap123: What’s your favorite contest?
JacobxxDuel: Hm… I really enjoy the ones like the Easter and Christmas ones. Their fun but not to competitive.

Zap123: Who is your favorite robloxian besides FFJosh?
JacobxxDuel: Eh, hes not my favorite robloxian. Tottis my favorite. Hes my best friend in real life too.

Zap123: What’s your favorite hat and shirt?
JacobxxDuel: Hat? That one that hasn’t come out yet. Shirt, Sirlions are pretty cool. So are the ninja ones from Robloxanator (or however you spell his name.)

Zap123: Do you have any tips or wise words for the inspired ones walking in your path?
JacobxxDuel: Yeah. Don’t give up. It took me a year of good playing to become a forum mod, so stick with it. Its not like that year wasn’t fun thought πŸ˜› enjoy it.



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  1. LOL they can’t even spell TelamonXD Why don’t they just go on Buildermans profile not go to people who can spell it right?

  2. No, for the last time its Telamon! Ive been getting so many messages this week about how to spell Telamons name. Their all like “Oh your worng its Telaman!” Its not Telaman.

    Any way thanks for the interveiw! πŸ™‚ Its all ways fun to anwser Q & As.

  3. Thanks, I fixed the typo.

  4. Woah,that was a good interview.And isn’t Telaman spelled Telaman not Telemon?

  5. Awesome interview! And really active blog! Keep it up guys, you’re doing really great!

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